Trillium Rose, PGA, LPGA, TOP50 Teaching pro

“Great tool! I use this for simple feedback for body awareness. Couldn’t be more simple to use.”


“As a teaching pro this is such a great tool with many benefits. My students are seeing and feeling the difference”


“I tried the Shift Stick on the range. It reminded me to focus on turning my hips to the left. I naturally wanted to do that with the Shift Stick on my waist. I did not have to worry about using my club or an alignment stick on the ground to use for alignment either because it points right where I was aiming. I saw an 8-mph swing speed difference immediately. I did not believe it because my swing felt effortless. I will use this on all my range sessions.”


“I am a female golfer, and this helped me generate more club head speed naturally by helping me focus on turning first then unleashing into the ball. WOW!! Thank you.”


“I played high school and competitive golf in college. I tried the Shift Stick and it is a winner in my book. It is such an easy and effective device. I can feel the difference almost immediately.”

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