Shift Stick Training Device

$97.00 $59.00

A visual wearable training aid helps learn to rotate hips first, increasing effortless swing speed, distance and lag, unleashing power into the ball. Gain 15-20+ yards within one training session

  • Put the belt around your waist or just above the belt area
  • Stick points to the left for righties or the right for lefties
  • Belt is designed to contour to your waist
  • Fasten the belt in front by attaching the velcro side
  • Make sure the fit is snug
  • The belt is designed to fit waists up to 48 inches
  • For smaller waists, take the excess belt and fold it back and fasten through the loops to secure
  • Once you complete your back swing, keep your hands and arms passive and start your down swing by rotating the Shift Stick left for righties or the right for lefties
  • This will start your downswing with increased speed and power


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